Building all the possibilities of Rum


Building all the possibilities of Rum "Mondial du Rhum", held in Paris for the first time!

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From fashion week to the world's largest wine trade show, ......, Paris in February is packed with business-related events. The "Mondial du Rhum" was held for three days from the 13th to the 15th of February, and was the first event to be held in Paris since its launch in France in 2020. What kind of rum event is "Mondial du Rhum"?

writer:Keiko Sumino Leblanc(パリ在住)

France is now experiencing a rum boom!

Did you know that 540,000 tons of rum, or 17 liters per second, are consumed annually, making it the world's third largest spirit after whiskey and brandy?

And here in France, we are the world's 5th largest exporter of rum (including tafia).

Italy is in first place (surprisingly!) followed by Puerto Rico in second place, the Netherlands in third, and the United States in fourth.

When we think of French spirits, we first think of Cognac and Calvados, but Drink Planet readers are well aware that the French overseas territories of Reunion Island, Martinique, and Guadeloupe are famous for their rum production.

Agrikor lamb originated in the French Overseas Territories.

The three French Overseas Territories have seen a 13.2% increase in lamb production since the Corona Disaster.

Consumption in France has also increased by 22.9%, surpassing the 14.8% increase in the United States.

One can only imagine how much rum is booming in France.

(Indeed, mojitos are an absolute staple on the menus of French cafes and bars!)

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