Schumann's Bar at Kangaan
That Schumann is opening a bar in Kyoto!


Schumann's Bar at Kangaan
That Schumann is opening a bar in Kyoto!

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Charles Schumann, the legendary bartender from the film Schumann's Bar Book and owner of three popular bars in Munich, Germany, has apparently opened a bar for a limited time until 30 March 2024. And the location is a Zen temple in Kyoto. What does that mean? So, let's go to Kyoto right away!

writer:Drink Planet Photo:Takuya Oshima

Legendary bartender descends upon Kyoto!

If you're a reader of Drink Planet, you probably know Charles Schumann, right?

In 1982, he opened 'Schumann's Bar' in his hometown of Munich, Germany, and Schumann gained explosive popularity."

In 1991, he published a cocktail recipe book, Schumann's Bar Book, which became the bible for bartenders around the world and he himself is regarded as a legendary bartender.

And with the 2018 film Schumann's Bar Book, he was further deified.

If you don't know Mr Schumann, check out his official website below - first! (Mr Schumann's love for Japan is the reason he has prepared a Japanese page!)

We heard that Mr Schumann has opened "Schumann's Bar at Kangaan" in Kyoto for a month from 1 to 30 March 2024 (Wednesday to Saturday only)!

Drink Planet team decided to head to Kyoto at short notice.

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