One-of-a-kind gin at GinO 12, a back-alley distillery in Milan!


One-of-a-kind gin at GinO 12, a back-alley distillery in Milan!

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GinO 12 is a micro-distillery in Milan that distills and sells original gin in a space so small that only one person can enter. The gin can be custom-made, and is said to be very popular among highly-sensitive Milanese and tourists. Here is a report from Milan on the popularity of GinO 12!

writer:Miki Tanaka(ミラノ在住)

The first distillery in Milan to be operated by a gin bar!

In the Naviglio district, one of the most popular night spots in Milan, Italy, there is a hidden gin bar called GinO 12.

The name "GinO 12" reads "Gino 12," but the bar is located inside a restaurant called "Officina 12.

The name of the restaurant is "Gino 12," but note that the word "gin" is hidden inside the name, not the name of the person.

Opened in 2015 as Milan's first "gin bar," it has become known as a bit of a mecca for Milan's gin lovers, selling more than 100 domestic and international gins, including many rare gins that cannot be found in other bars, but not content with just that, the shop started producing its own original gin and opened a dedicated distillery and sales corner in 2022.

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