BVLGARI GINZA BAR: Celebrating the Winner of the


BVLGARI GINZA BAR: Celebrating the Winner of the "WORLD CLASS 2024 JAPAN FINAL", a Brilliant Challenge by a Former Chocolatier! - Part 1 -


Masato Ishioka/石岡雅人 by「BVLGARI GINZA BAR」

Recently, Masato Ishioka, a senior bartender at BVLGARI GINZA BAR, is often mentioned by people in the bar industry as a "young Japanese bartender of the moment". He was the winner of the "WORLD CLASS 2024 JAPAN FINAL. What kind of bartender is he?

writer:Drink Planet 撮影:Daisuke Akita

Italian elegance in Ginza!

Bvlgari Ginza Tower is located in the prestigious Ginza district of Tokyo, home to many luxury brand flagship stores.

It is the flagship building in Japan of Bvlgari, which was founded in Rome, Italy in 1884.

Although Bvlgari has a strong image of high-end jewelry and watches, the 9th floor houses "Il Ristorante Luca Fantin" and the 10th floor "BVLGARI GINZA BAR" are connected through an atrium, allowing visitors to fully experience the world of Bulgari, including food, culture, and lifestyle. The BVLGARI GINZA BAR is located on the 10th floor.

The BVLGARI GINZA BAR was designed by the designer in charge of BVLGARI Hotels & Resorts, and it is as chic and elegant as ever.

Masato Ishioka, who is highly acclaimed in various fields, is the senior bartender here.

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