The concept is


The concept is "Farm to Shaker" - Berlin's cutting-edge sustainable bar. -Part 1


Sarah Fischer/サラ・フィッシャー by「Velvet」

Velvet is an experimental bar that creates one to four new cocktails each week, while actively working on sustainability and implementing the concept of "Farm to Shaker. We asked female bartender Sarah Fisher to tell us more about their efforts!

writer:Hideko Kawachi(ベルリン在住)Photos:Gianni Plescia

Sustainability is the norm for bars!

Nowadays, bars cannot help but think about sustainability.

The problem of food loss is exemplified by the massive waste of lemon and lime peels.

In addition, the focus on the origin and season of ingredients is also related to carbon dioxide emissions and energy issues.

At BCB (Bar Convento Berlin), one of the largest bar fairs in Europe, to be held in October 2023, there was a sense that sustainability has gone beyond a temporary trend and has become firmly established.

Spirits distilled from ingredients that were destined to be discarded, the proposal of pre-mixing to reduce waste, and the circulation of glass bottles .......

One talk show that attracted a great deal of attention was that of Sarah Fischer, a female bartender at Velvet, who introduced her experimental experiments in local production for local consumption and seasonal production for seasonal consumption, with the goal of zero-waste.

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